Timothy Eaton Memorial Church

Job #:  L010

Location:  Toronto - Ontario - Canada

Organ Type: Pipe

Building Type: Church

Date: 2015

Classic Organ has provided the control systems for the 3 largest pipe organs in Toronto, Metropolitan United, St Paul's Bloor Street, and Timothy Eaton Memorial. The church opened in 1914 and featured a Casavant Freres organ, today the music program at Timothy Eaton Memorial Church is one of the most expansive and well-regarded in the city of Toronto, focusing on education and a wide variety of performances.


Hollywood United Methodist

Job #: C473

Location: Hollywood CA

Organ Type: Pipe

Building Type: Church

Date: 2000

The pipe organ at Hollywood UMC was originally constructed by Casavant Frères in 1930. It had a four manual console and 41 ranks. This formed the core of the new organ which Williamson-Warne started enhancing in 1971. After the 1994 Northridge earthquake the church decided to repair and renovate the interior of the sanctuary. Eventually, the chancel area of the church was remodeled and the organ, which by this time exceeded the capabilities of the original console, needed a larger console. A 5th manual was added, as well as many more drawknobs. At that time the organ console was also make movable and practical for worship service, musical performances, solo organ concerts, choral accompanying and symphony performances.

St Mark's Episcopal

Job #:  C951

Location:  Minneapolis MN

Organ Type: Pipe

Building Type: Church

Date: 2012

St Mark's has a decades long tradition of musical concerts wind instruments, strings, choral music and of course organ. The instrument started life in 1928 as Welte-Tripp Opus 258. Throughout the ensuing decades, it was modified tonally and mechanically, leaving the whole instrument tonally unbalanced. Foley-Baker was commissioned to completely rebuilt the instrument, taking 16 months, the job was competed in April 2012.

Trinity Wall Street

Job #:  C710 / C740

Location:  New York, NY

Organ Type: Pipe

Building Type: Church

Date: 2003

As a result of the terrorist attacks on September 11, the organ at Trinity Wall Street was virtually destroyed due to the dirt and grime that got into the pipes. Marshall and Ogletree were engaged to provide a long-term temporary instrument, while the pipe organ was cleaned and repaired. Years later, even after the pipe organ has been partially restored, Marshall and Ogletree's all electronic organ is still in regular use. Trinity's organ is a dual-console installation.

St George's Anglican

Job #:  C750

Location: Ajax, ON, Canada

Organ Type: Digital

Building Type: Church

Date: 2005

Classic Organ was contracted directly, along with Walker Technical to build a the new organ at St George's Anglican in Ajax. All the keying, combination action, and coupling is handled by the Classic Control System, Walker provided the tone generators. 

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