Elim Park Place

Job #: C877

Location: Cheshire CT

Organ Type: Pipe

Building Type: Church

Date: 2008

Rebuild of an M.P. Moller organ. Two manuals with drawknobs.

St Patrick's Roman Catholic

Job #: C871

Location: Markham, ON Canada

Organ Type: Pipe

Building Type: Church

Date: 2008

In time for its 75th anniversary, the parish of St Patrick's RC commissioned Orgues Letourneau to custom build a new pipe organ to replace a 17 year old electronic model which was failing. It has a 2 manual French Terrace style movable console. Its primary function is to accompany the liturgy, but will also be used for community concerts.

St. Anslem Church

Job #: C858

Location: West Chezzetcook NS Canada

Organ Type: Pipe / Electronic

Building Type: Church

Date: 2005

A very small 2 manual Casavant rebuilt drawknob console. Includes Great & Swell Main, a Pedal Bourdon and 12 electronic stops on a CM-100 

St. Maria Goretti Church

Job #: C810

Location: United States - Western

Organ Type: Pipe

Building Type: Church

Date: 2005

This organ has a three manual French Terrace style console which controls the primary organ as well as a second Nave organ. The Nave couples independently and has its own combination action pistons. There are 2 expression engines for the single Swell shoe, plus a Choir expression, all 10 stages.

All control pistons are on the key slips with just a numeric display on the nameboard. Each division has a single programmable MIDI stop.

Orgue Ruche de la Basilique, St Joseph de Grenoble

Job #: C722

Location: Grenoble, France

Organ Type: Pipe

Building Type: Church

Date: 2003

This organ has was built in 1943 by the Ruche builder in the typical French symphonic style. Built around 23 actual stops, it ofers 37 stops on 3 keyboards and pedalboard. More details are available at http://orgues.free.fr/stjoseph/. It was re-built by Manufacture d'Orgues Promonet in Rives sur Fure, France in the summer of 2003. 

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