St. John Lalande


Job #: C521

Location:Blue Springs, MO

Organ Type: Pipe

Building Type: Church

New organ by Temple Organ Co. of Saint Joseph, MO. Classic has done several organs for them over the years, several of them electronic organs. This particular organ is pipes with fairly extensive MIDI capability. Unlike most jobs, Classic provided the engraved pistons for this organ. 


  • 3 manuals and pedal board with provision for the future addition of an Antiphonal division
  • 73 pipe stops, 28 couplers, 2 tremulants
  • 11 MIDI stops, 3 each for Great, Swell & Choir, 2 for Pedal, fully integrated into combination action and fully configurable
  • 33 ranks in 2 chambers
  • Manual Transfer, All Swells to Swell, Auto Pedal, Auto Solo, Zimbelstern, Recall
  • 99 independent combination memory levels with SFZ configurable on each level
  • 99 step Registration Sequencer independent of memory levels
  • 12-step Transposer via UP/DOWN pistons
  • 24 stage Crescendo
  • Expression for Swell & Choir, 8 stages each


St. John Lalande
Blue Springs, MO


Temple Organs
1717 Belle Street
St. Joseph, MO 64503 

Tel: 816-279-4700
Fax: 816-232-2008 

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