Palmyra Western Presbyterian Church


Job #: C415

Location: Palmyra, NY

Organ Type: Pipe/Digital Hybrid

Building Type: Church

This is a new 3 manual drawknob console which integrates pipes and electronic tone generators. 



  • 50 stops including pipes, electronic stops, percussions and MIDI
  • 24 couplers
  • 2 tremulants
  • 99 independent combination memory levels
  • 99 step Registration Sequencer
  • 20 stage Crescendo with alternate configuration
  • 16 stage Swell & Choir expressions with bargraphs to indicate current state
  • Pedal on Manual piston coupler with pedal registration independent of Pedal divisional registrations
  • 12-step Transposer via UP/DOWN pistons
  • Several chests split C/C#
  • 32 note Chimes
  • Optical sensing on manuals
  • 4 MIDI stops, 1 for each division, fully integrated into combination action and fully configurable


Palmyra Western Persbyterian Church
Palmyra, NY


Parsons Pipe Organ Builders
4820 Bristol Valley Road
Canandaigua, NY 
USA 14424-9309

Tel: 716-229-5888
Fax: 716-229-5850 

Download OrganWorks File

Download the OrganWorks file for this job.

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