CLASSIC Digital Organ


Job #: C310

Location:Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

Organ Type: Digital

Building Type: Home

This organ was built in the 90's as a digital "demo" organ, and was used for demonstrations, concerts, and rentals for a number of years, before finding a permanent home in a residence.


  • 60 drawknobs, 19 rocker tabs, 56 stops, __ ranks.
  • 3 manuals plus pedalboard, velocity sensing keyswitching on the manuals
  • 99 independent combination memory levels with SFZ configurable on each level
  • 99 step Registration Sequencer independent of memory levels
  • 6 MIDI drawknobs, 1 or 2 for each division, fully integrated into combination action and fully configurable
  • 12-step Transposer via UP/DOWN pistons
  • Manual Transfer, Recall
  • non-coupling Trompette-En-Chamade
  • 20 stage Crescendo, Swell and Choir shoes



Dr. George Arnold
Richmond Hill, ON


Artisan Classic Organ Inc.
2800 John Street
Markham  ON

Tel.: 905-475-1263
Web: www.organworks.com

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