Ok, so the saying goes "There is no such thing as a free lunch", but you paid for quality, and we will stand by our workmanship. So, what exactly is our warranty policy, when will it cost you money and when will stuff be free?

If a job is still in the installation / building phase and you are calling with questions about the installation such as, "what is the polarity", "how do I calibrate the shoes", or "why aren't my control panel pistons working" you will not be billed. These are normal and expected telephone support issues.

Any changes made to a specification after a job has been shipped will result in fees. This includes billable hours for time spent on the phone or on e-mail figuring out what changes are needed, the time actually spent making the changes, and any hardware and shipping charges.

Classic warranties all our new hardware for 10 years from the day it is shipped for normal use.  This means

Ø      The hardware is purchased new. If you purchased a used board from us because you are trying to save money, any warranty we offer will be on a case by case basis.

Ø      This is for 10 years from when it is shipped, not when it was installed. If we ship a board today it is covered until 2025, even if it is another 2 years before it is installed.

Ø      If somebody makes a mistake while installing a board, such as putting +12V on ground, dropping the board, or plugging something in backwards, this will not be covered. We may be able to make repairs rather than replace the hardware, which will save you some money, but the repairs will be billable

Ø      Things like fire, flood, lighting strikes, or municipalities working on power grids and blowing stuff out in a 500 meter radius (it has happened) are not, or will ever be covered by anybody's warranty.

We will repair or replace, at our discretion any hardware that meets the warranty criteria. If we are shipping a new board we will invoice you for the cost of the board, when you send back the old board, you will receive a credit. We want the defective boards back, sometimes we can repair and sell them as used parts.

If you call or e-mail us for technical support on jobs outside the warranty parameters, you will be billed for the time. Jobs between 10-15 years old will be billed at 50% of our engineering fees, jobs over 15 years old or are insurance jobs will be 100%. For example:

Ø      You have job which is 5 years old, a group of pipes have stopped working and we determine that one of the chips on the pipe driver board has failed. The time spend diagnosing the problem and repairing the board is covered under the warranty, there will be no charge.

Ø      A 5 year old job was hit by lighting. From the time you first contact us by phone or e-mail, any time spent to figure out what got damaged, any repairs or replacement of hardware, and follow up telephone / e-mail support will be billable at 100%

Ø      A church with a 12 year old system has started to cipher occasionally. Any time spent working on this system will be billed at 50% Engineering Labour.

Ø      If you are a service technician and you walk into a church and find the original builder left the wiring looking like this,


you can probably assume some things aren't working right and it's not our fault.


We do not warranty third party products, such as the CM-100. 

Cheers Cathy :)


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