As a techie person I find it is very important to be able to accurately describe what is happening and what components your are talking about. To that end it occurred to me that providing a glossary of terms would be very helpful to everybody.

Thing-a-Mabob: Anything that connects one thing to another thing, header, connector, male or female. Examples of a thing-a-mabob:



Copper Spaghetti: This references the cables and wires that connect one thing to another via the thing-a-mabob. Colour codes may or may not have been followed. According to many Experts (see below) any problems are never with the copper spaghetti, it is always the software.


     Good Copper Spaghetti done by Classic               Copper Spaghetti in progress                       This isn't one of ours  


Do-hickey: Something that is black is a do-hickey. Referencing the entry above, do-hickies may also be thing-a-mabobs. Please note, a do-hickey has nothing to do with what 2 people may do in private.  Examples of a do-hickey:



Whatsit: Any component on a circuit board equal too or smaller than the eraser on the end of a pencil. The actual function of a watsit is anybody's guess and it usually requires taking off you glasses and using a strong magnifying glass to see that is written on it. Examples of a whatsit:



The __ Whatsit: Basically the same description as a whatsit, but it is larger than a pencil eraser, so an adjective is added to the term, such as the long whatsit, the blue whatsit, or the smoking whatsit.



The Board: Any large items that have any thing-a-mabobs, do-hickeys, or whatsits attached to it. There may be several different types of boards in a system of various sizes and functions.



Rigmarole: These are the instructions you receive when you called technical support. Of course you will need to interpret these instruction. Just because the person you were talking to said plug A into B doesn't mean that is exactly what you need to do, after all B is hard to reach and plugging A into C will work just as well.



Expert: A technician should have a minimum of 20 years service under their belt before they claim this title. This incidentally is why their belts are using the last hole. Holders of the designation of Expert, according to their spouses, are well past the point when they should have retired. Their eyesight has deteriorated to the point where they can't actually see the writing on IC chips, and the arthritis in their knee means they can barely climb into the organ chamber anyway. No matter how often you tell them to test something they won't do it, because they know it is something else that is wrong after all, they are an expert.



Wibbly Wobbly: This isn't really an organ building term, but I'm a fan of Dr Who so I thought I would include it.


I hope you have found this posting informative. Please come back in the future for further educational articles such as "Why Vodka Doesn't Make Your Screwdriver Better" and "The Conductivity of Mouse Pee and How it Can Work to Your Advantage". 


Cheers Cathy



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