Wow, have we ever gotten busy over the last few weeks. That's why it's taken so long to publish part 2 of "Lesser Known Features". I noticed this back when I was a teenager working cash at my first job. It was a Wolworth's (if you remember them), if you don't think pre-Target with a lunch counter. I would be standing there twiddling my thumbs trying to look busy dusting the cigarettes when suddenly there would be 5 people waiting in line. That seems to be what has happened here. Henry came up with the idea for me to write this blog, to help keep us connected with our customers when I wasn't busy, then we had 5 jobs come in over 3 days. I've since also had 3 update requests and everybody wants their stuff before the end of August. I go on vacation Aug 21. 

Attila has been helpful, he has taken over 2 of the Legacy jobs. If these were all Legacy jobs it wouldn't be such a stretch, but the Maestro system takes more time, it new and we don't have any standard documentation or procedures yet. Would it be bad of me to say we are making it up as we go along :). 

We are also starting to think about the AIO convention. It starts Sunday October 4 at the Hilton Concord in California. Attila and I will be there this year, Henry won't, he will be in England. We are going fairly light this year, the cost of shipping being what it is. We are hoping to demonstrate the Maestro system's ability to control an organ via WiFi. Our idea is to set up a web camera here in the shop pointed at our test console and have people at the convention use a tablet to turn drawknobs on and off. We are still waiting to hear from the hotel about what the WiFi is like in the convention area to know if we can do it. 

I found this t-shirt that I suggested to Attila that we should wear it at AIO:

What do you thing? Attila said it is true, but he wasn't sure all our customers would appreciate it :)

Don't forget, you can e-mail me with questions, comments, or even your own blog posting (subject to approval) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Now back to the pouring rain. 




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