Mad rush as usual around here trying to get ready for AIO at the same time as getting some jobs done. Attila and I will be attending AIO this year without Henry, I'm don't think Henry has ever missed an AIO. This year there was a date problem and he is in England at the moment, won't be back in time to get to the show. 

This year we are trying something different. We aren't taking much in the way of hardware, we are leaving most of it here.  What? How can you show product at a show, when the product isn't at the show? Our Maestro system is up and running. We have a single keyboard which we will connect to a laptop. We will then connect to the console we have at our shop and enable people in San Francisco to control a console in Toronto. We will have a webcab set up so people can see what is happening. 

Right now we only have 2 impediments to making this work, 1) we have yet to get confirmation from the hotel that there is internet access available in the space we will be exhibiting, and 2) making sure stuff in Toronto gets left on; won't work too well if somebody here is diligent about turning the lights off before they leave.

Attila and I will be out of the shop for the entire week of October 5-9, but Henry will be back if you need help. The laptop will also have copies for all the jobs, so we can work on stuff while we are there.



Cathy 2015-9-28


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