Been back for a week actually. The American Institute of Organbuilders (AIO) convention was October 3-7, officially in San Francisco, although actually in Concord CA. Saw several customers I talk to on the phone regularly, it's great putting a face to a voice. It's kind of funny when you go out to dinner with a customer and you offer to pick up their bill, as they are such great customers, and they want to pick up your bill as you help them so much with their jobs. 


This is a picture of a mostly dry river bed that runs beside the convention hotel.

While we were there San Francisco experienced the first rain they've had in about 6 months, 2/10th of an inch.  

Despite traveling light this year, we still had a bit of a problem with shipping our show materials, such that although the exhibits opened Sunday evening, our boxes didn't arrive until supper on Monday. Attila joked that we became the evening's floor show; by this point everybody at the show knew that none of our stuff had arrived, when it did arrive during dinner and we were setting up, everybody was watching. As it turned out having the boxes was mostly a minor inconvenience the important stuff (laptop and tablet) I had kept in my carry on bag. 

The laptop and tablet enabled us to debut our new ability with the Maestro system, connecting over the internet. Before we left we set up a live webcam pointing at our test console in the shop, which we showed on the laptop; then using the tablet, builders at the show were able to change things on the console and see it happening in real time. From AIO they were able to change Memory Levels, Soft Switches, Masks, and most importantly to them, go into the diagnostics mode and turn keys, stops, and pistons on and off, and see what got turned on or off. This ability to connect over the internet will mean the builder will be able to do some diagnostics before they ever leave their shop. 

In the above photo you can see Attila talking to one of the show attendees,

shortly before we started packing up. We had all our stuff at this point :)

During the show we were also running a daily draw. People were invited to drop their business cards in a hat (blank cards were provided for those without business cards) and every day just before the exhibits closed, somebody who was still hanging around was asked to pull out a name. Congratulations to the following winners: 

Sunday: Sandy Shiflett, Klann Organ Supply, t-shirt and maple candies

Monday: Manuel Rosales, Rosales Organ Builders, mini diagnostics kit and fudge

Tuesday: William Catanesye, W Catanesye & Co, travel mug w/ coffee, tea, & hot chocolate

Wednesday: George Plitnik, logic probe


This is another picture of our booth, you can see the prizes on the right table.



This photo was taken during one of the breaks between talks.

There didn't seem to be as many people at this show as I've seen at some of the shows on the east coast .

Next year's AIO convention is in Boston at the end of August.




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