MIDIWorks (the Virtual Pipe Organ branch of Organworks) attended the RCCO in Montreal last week. We were able to get our own room to ourselves, so we put up an 8:1 speaker system and allowed organists to try out our VPO powered by Hauptwerk. Needless to say, it turned a lot of heads and a lot of people ended up coming into our demo room because they could hear it outside the hall. For those who had never heard about a VPO (virtual pipe organ), it was a treat to see their eyes light up when they started playing. For those that have heard or own their own system, it was an opportunity to try out a high end 3 manual system complete with 8 sample sets. We have some pictures below of the convention:


MIDIWork's 3 manual, 3 shoe VPO setup
The MIDIWorks convention team (From left to right): Raymond, Arie, and Attila.
Group of organists trying out our VPO


We had a great time meeting MIDIWork customers as well as organ enthusiasts. We hope to see you in the next convention!


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