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Control Panel for Ahlborn-Galanti Archive Modules (CTRL-AA)


Integrates voices from Ahlborn-Galanti Archive Modules with the Classic Organ Works control system. 



This pull-out control panel is designed to work with Classic Organ Works matrix-wired control systems (for stops) so that the Ahlborn voices are seamlessly integrated into the organ.

All 20 Ahlborn voices, and the two tremulants, can be operated via the Classic combination system and included in general or divisional pistons like other stops on the organ.

Five couplers per Ahlborn manual division allow the two divisions (A and B) to be played from any keyboard on a four-manual console and these are also included in the combination action.

There are four versions differing only in their legends to match the four Ahlborn units and each version can be either left-hand or right-hand mounted (right-hand shown).

Momentary-action pushbuttons are used which have red LED lamps to indicate active stops.

The CTRL-AA control panel allows an Ahlborn-Galanti Archive module to be remotely controlled so that the module need not be stood on the top of the console for stop selection. Instead, it can be placed out of sight, either within the console or in a pipe chamber where it would be controlled via MIDI signals. Having the unit out of sight also reduces the likelihood that it would be stolen.

The unit comes with a pair of high-quality ball-bearing slides and can be mounted beneath the console key desk on either left or right sides where it pulls out for player access.

Mounting brackets can be fitted either inside or outside the slides according to the space available.

A hardwood frame is supplied in a dark finish.

Three cable connectors are at the rear and each has a tie-down point to avoid damage to the cables with use.

The unit can easily be detached from the slides if necessary.

If the unit is added to an existing organ, some changes will be necessary to the control system software which gives an opportunity to upgrade the system software. Classic Organ Works should be consulted as there may be hardware limitations with some organs. 



  • Control Panel mounted in pull-out drawer.
  • Left or Right-hand mounting beneath key desk.
  • Works with almost any organ using a Classic Organ Works matrix-wired combination action for stops.
  • Four versions to match the four Ahlborn units (Classic, Romantic, 201 or 202).
  • Controls 20 Ahlborn stops and 2 Tremulants.
  • 5 couplers for each Ahlborn manual division (A & B).
  • 32 momentary-action push-buttons are 0.7" square with red LEDs.
  • Allows Ahlborn unit to be mounted out of sight in console or chamber (reduces possibility of theft)
  • Panel surface is dark grey with white lettering.
  • Overall Dimensions: 12" x 6.6" x 2.4" (L x W x D) (30.5 cm x 16.8 cm x 6.1 cm) plus mounting slides another 2" behind.
  • Panel area 8.5" x 5" (21.5 cm x 12.6 cm)
  • Pull-out extension 11" (28 cm).
  • High-quality slides with ball-bearing action.



Pull-out control panel allows any Ahlborn Archive unit to be incorporated seamlessly into Classic combination systems with the Archive module out of sight, either in the console or in a chamber.



CTRL-AA Brochure: View Download


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