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Sforzando Reversible board (SFZREV)


Add-on unit to provide Sforzando and Cancel facilities.



Designed especially for older organs without combination-action, it allows up to 96 stops to be controlled. The outputs on this standalone board can interface to diodes, or to relay contacts. 



  • Provides for either active-high or active-low control inputs.
  • Outputs may be via diodes, or directly from relay contacts (with the diodes elsewhere).
  • When a Sforzando input is operated, a relay applies +12 Volts (or 0V) through diodes to all outputs which should be wired to the appropriate stop switches to over-ride their selections.
  • When the Sforzando piston is operated again, or if Cancel is pressed (optional), the relay goes off and the over-ride is removed.



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