The components of a control system fall into two main categories:


1. Console Components

A few examples:

  • Console Control Computer
  • Keyboards, conventional wired or MIDI via DIN or USB, Optical keyswitch rails, etc.
  • Stop, Piston, and Keyboard interface boards
  • Stop Controls - Drawknobs, Rocker Tabs, and Driver Boards to control them
  • Lighted Rocker Tabs, Lighted Drawknobs, Pushbutton Stops, wired or USB
  • Control Panels & Console LED or Graphic Display Boards
  • Bargraph Displays for swell shoes & Crescendo
  • MIDI In/Out Connector Modules


2. Pipe-Chamber/Chest-Control Components

A few examples:

  • Pipe Control Computer or Ethernet Chamber Interface board
  • Chest Magnet Driver Boards - Positive or Negative common
  • Slider Motor Controllers for slider chest solenoids
  • Swell Engine Controllers
  • Temperature Sensor
  • MIDI In/Out to connect General MIDI Sound Modules, or the CM-100 organ voice module
  • Interface to Walker Digital stops



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