Maestro vs. Legacy

Comparison of Legacy and Maestro based systems:

CLASSIC Legacy systems are based on microprocessor technology, which provides a tried and true solution for organ control which has been installed in 100's of organs over the last 25 years.   Our new Maestro (LCS) systems simply use a new generation of computer technology, and are designed to be available well into the next 25 years!  Both systems use the same peripheral components, for the most part, such as input boards, output boards, etc.


Here are some of the advanced features of Maestro systems:

  • Uses reliable Linux operating system running on a commercial ITX format Intel SBC.
  • All processing is done in the console computer.
  • Console to Chamber connections are via a dedicated Ethernet network, or WiFi wireless.
  • System control may be via wireless devices such as Android touch screens or smart phone.
  • An independent Ethernet port is used to connect the organ to the Internet.
  • COW remote access via the Internet allows full remote system maintenance and upgrades.
  • Builder remote access via Internet permits remote system maintenance, diagnostics, and re-configuration.
  • Organist remote access permits remote user configuration, backup of settings data and recordings.
  • Internal console connections to keyboards and display devices may be via USB to reduce wiring.


Here are some of the differences between Legacy and  Maestro based systems:

  • All processing is done in the console computer in Maestro systems, chamber components simply route data to the pipe drivers
  • In Legacy systems, divisional key and stop data is sent to the Pipe Control Computer in the chamber for further processing and distribution to pipe drivers.
  • Legacy systems are basically "single user", with multiple piston memory levels.  Maestro systems allow complete configuration, with multiple memory levels,  independently for many users.
  • Maestro systems have unlimited record & playback capability; Legacy systems are limited to 99 songs of about 20,000 notes each
  • Maestro systems use USB, Ethernet, and WiFi for communications; Legacy systems use proprietary SSI, wired MIDI, and wireless MIDI (MIDIjetPro)


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