The Classic Organ Works control system is a computer-based system centered around the Console Control Computer (CCC in Legacy systems, LCCU in Maestro systems). All the console devices communicate with the CCC/LCCU. The CCC/LCCU provides the combination action (combo action), performs the coupling and MIDI functions, and sends the appropriate data to the pipe-chamber(s). The PCC/LPCU then controls the circuit boards which operate the valves under the pipes, the swell shades (shutters), chimes and other devices in the pipe chambers.

The Classic control system is available two basic formats:

Discrete: In the console, the Console Control Computer and other console-related circuit boards are installed individually by the organ builder. Similarly, in the pipe-chamber, the Pipe Control Computer and all the associated pipe-chamber circuit boards are separately installed and wired by the builder.  The discrete approach is significantly more cost effective if lighted rocker tabs (LRT's) are used for stops, and/or optical keyswitch rails (with piston scanning) or CLASSIC CMK keyboards (also with piston scanning) are used.

Packaged: The Console Control Computer and all the circuit boards of the console system are installed in a grey, metal box, the Console Control Unit (CCU/LCCU), at the Classic Organ Works factory. All the console controls (keyboards, pistons, stop knobs, etc.) are wired by the builder to the pins on the exterior of the grey box. For the pipe-chamber, there is a similar grey box, the Pipe Control Unit (PCU/LPCU), containing the Pipe Control Computer or UIB and all the pipe-driving circuit boards.  The "Grey Box" approach is most cost effective if conventional "all-parallel" wiring techniques are used in the console.  Also, having chamber components packaged in grey boxes, reduces install time, and eliminates inter-board wiring.

It is also possible to have a discrete console control system with a packaged pipe-chamber control system (PCU) or a Console Control Unit (CCU) with discrete boards in the chamber(s).

All-in-one systems are also available, where outputs to drive the pipe chest magnets are provided within the console "grey box", then called an Organ Control Unit (OCU).


More Information:

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