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Optical Keyswitch Rails - MIDI Output


Outfit older keyboards with the latest optical switching technology!  Velocity sensing, Piston scanning, and USB-MIDI output are features. Hauptwerk compatible.



These boards can be fitted to most wood-core keyboards. A simple shutter interrupts an infra-red beam in a small, solid-state, optical component. For the ultimate in reliability, the board contains no rubbing or contacting metal parts. The boards connect directly to the Console Control Computer or external Computer (running Hauptwerk) with only a USB or MIDI cable.

A metal rail kit may be purchased separately to mount the circuit boards to the keyboard. The kit includes all the required hardware.   Other versions are also available - see Selection Guide.

Selection Guide:View | Download


OPVKM-2 & 4

Board-set includes an on-board processor which is capable of scanning the optical keyswitches at high speed, and detecting the velocity at which a key is pressed. This information is sent to the CCC via MIDI which sends the velocity information along with the note-on messages to any attached MIDI based sound modules.

The OPVKM-2 board-set is used to provide reliable keyswitching with velocity sensing to an organ. OPVKM-2 connects to the CCC via a MIDI cable, or to the new Maestro LCCU via USB. The board can also scan all the pistons on the associated keyslip and send piston info to the CCC or LCCU via the same MIDI/USB connection as the key data.  This saves separate wiring for pistons.

Two versions are available depending on the type of keyboard and position of the pivot and springs. Normally, the OPVKM-2 is mounted underneath the keys in front of the balance (pivot) beam. When the key is depressed, the shutters move into the sensors to activate the notes.  OPVKM-4 is mounted underneath the keys behind the balance (pivot) beam. When the key is depressed, the shutters move out of the sensors to activate the notes.

These boards are also capable of scanning up to 24 pistons, and will send messages via the same MIDI/USB connection as the keys.  This reduces wiring labour enormously, compared to conventional keyboard and piston wiring.

Power: 10-20V (5V Regulator on board) Size: 3" x 33"

OPVKM-2 & 4 Brochure: View | Download


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