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MIDI Control Unit (MCU)


Designed as a modular unit, the MCU provides a 'smart' add-on interface so that organs can be provided with MIDI voices that can be controlled as though they were part of the organ. 

You can connect switches for keyboards, pedalboard, stops and pistons. Tuning, expression, Crescendo, and volume controls may also be connected to the MCU.  Organ enthusiasts with Ahlborn Archive SeriesTM (General Music Corporation, Italy) module(s), or Viscount CM-100 or Laurel pipe voice modules, may use the MCU to control divisions, stops, couplers, combination, pistons, channels, tremulants, Crescendo, expression, Sforzando (tutti), Cancel and tuning.  Up to four voice modules may be controlled simultaneously, via duplicated MIDIOut’s.

The MCU unit consists of a fully-enclosed metal box with a removable printed-circuit front panel. This through-pin panel serves both as mountings for internal boards and for connections to the various external inputs and outputs. The panel also reduces electro-magnetic interference. Switch inputs may be made with pluggable headers using crimped pins (Molex) or mass-termination insulation-displacement connectors (MAS-CON). Standard DIN connectors are used for MIDI inputs and outputs while Phono and stereo jacks are included for audio outputs (for the optional GM MIDI). Power may be taken either from a standard wall adaptor or from the organ supply. 


  • Allows and existing organ console to operate MIDI equipment such as sound modules (Viscount CM-100 or Laurel) or VPO Software (PC, Mac, or Linux based)
  • Inputs for up to three 61-note keyboards plus a 32-note pedalboard
  • Up to 105 control inputs for stops or other switch inputs
  • All the control inputs must be active-high (+12V On)
  • Five analog inputs for expression shoes or other functions
  • 48 optional outputs to drive lamps or magnets
  • Optional internal GM MIDI module
  • Optional tuning input from temperature sensor
  • Customisable configurations can suit almost any type of organ
  • MIDI input (merge function) allows other MIDI sources to operate sound modules


Dimension: 12.35" x 3.5" x 7.5" (w x h x d), 7lbs


Brochure:  View | Download

Technical Info: View | Download

Reference Manual: View | Download

Link to Configuration Software: MCUConfig


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