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MIDI Operated Relay (MRB)


The MRB-1 is a MIDI-operated controller board. It is intended to provide a relay output from which a blower, or other equipment, may be operated in response to a continuous MIDI signal.

The reed relay output must be used to operate another relay as its contact ratings are not capable of high current. A LED indicates when the output is active. The relay is activated by any kind of a MIDI signal and stays on for about ten seconds after the signals cease. A repetitive type of MIDI signal is used that does not cause any organ changes.

Two MIDI OUT connections are provided if needed to feed other devices and are duplicates of the input.

Power is drawn externally via a 5V regulator or from a USB source. This external power should be from a maintained supply via a 9V adaptor of either polarity on a co-axial power jack of 2.1mm internal diameter. Alternatively, the 12V supply for the Pipe Control Computer may be used if turned on by other means. Or the USB power source may be from a USB power adaptor.

Mounting is via four #4 screws in the corners. Spacers are required to keep the board away from any woodwork and allow air to circulate around the regulator.




  • Control via MIDI
  • One MIDI IN port
  • Two MIDI Out ports (duplicate of Input)
  • Output-On LED
  • Relay output 200mA Max, isolated
  • External Power: +8 to 15V, typically 100mA energised, 15mA Quiescent


Board dimension: 4" x 3" (W x D) (10.16cm x 7.62cm)



MIDI Relay Brochure: View |Download



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