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MIDI Output Board - Positive Drive


The Classic MIDI Output Board may be used as a pipe driver to allow operation of wind-blown pipes with an electronic organ. Outputs are capable of driving relays or pipe-chest magnets requiring up to 0.35A at 12V. This MIDI product allows up to 104 individual pin outputs to be activated and deactivated through standard MIDI Note-On and Note-Off messages. Outputs are nominally +12V when on and 0V when off.

The MIDIOUT-P unit consists of a single printed-circuit board.

Output connectors may be made with pluggable headers using crimped pins (Molex) or mass-termination insulation-displacement connectors (MAS-CON).

Standard 5-pin DIN connectors are used for MIDI input and output.

Several MIDIOUT-P boards may be cascaded to drive more then 104 outputs as each may have a unique channel number.



  • MIDI Channel set by DIP-Switch
  • 104 outputs, wich can drive relays, moters, solenoids, LEDs, or incandescent lamps
  • or 2 x 52 outputs controlled by two adjacent MIDI channels (perhaps for two pedal ranks).
  • All outputs have over-current protection, and include output transient-protection clamping diodes for use with voltages up to 35V
  • MIDI input and output allows cascading of MIDIOUT-N boards
  • Three LEDs indicate the working status of the board



MIDI Pipe Driver Board Brochure: View |Download



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