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MIDIjet Pro USB - Wireless MIDI Adaptor


MIDIjet Pro USB is designed to replace a standard MIDI DIN cable where wireless independence is desired, or where distance or other factors make running cable impractical.

MIDIjet Pro USB consists of a transmitter and receiver, both with MIDI DIN and USB connections.  They can be battery powered or USB powered.

Uses in the organ world include connecting a MIDI equipped console to a remote keyboard, or to a pipe organ or chimes in the gallery.

For full information, visit the MIDIjet web site.



  • 500-foot typical range (outdoors) 100-foot (indoors)
  • Transmitter and receiver can be powered by either DC power supply, 2 ‘AA’ or by USB 
  • MIDIjet Pro USB is a class compliant device for Windows, OSX and Linux 
  • Bi-directional MIDI traffic via USB or special MIDI cable
  • Uses (and likes) rechargable AA batteries
  • Operate up to 30 pairs at the same time
  • Latency as low as 2.7ms
  • 30-hour transmitter battery life 
  • Operates on 2.4 GHz worldwide license-free band
  • Gracefully handles signal drop out - no notes stuck on
  • Battery Status indicator
  • Connection display indicator



MIDIjet Pro Brochure: View | Download



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