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MIDI Pedalboard Switch Kit (MPD-SW-KIT)


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Kit for MIDIfying your pedalboard already equiped with magnets on the keys.



If your existing pedalboard has magnets on the ends of the keys, you may be able to convert the pedalboard into a MIDI device.

The MIDI Key Scan Computer (MKSC-4a) converts key-switch information from a single keyboard or pedalboard to MIDI data with Key-switches wired in an 8x8 array (with diodes). With a MIDI-merge function built-in, various MIDI devices may be chained together.


Kit Includes

  • 1 MKSC-4a 64 note (8x8) Matrix Keyscanner board with swell-shoe input
  • 32 key reed-switch harness
  • 9v 500mA power supply
  • MKSC-4a Manual
  • 6' MIDI cable




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