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MIDI Drawknob Controller (MDKC)


The MDKC-1 is for use on organ consoles to provide MIDI control of up to 48 dual-magnetic drawknobs or tongue tabs of typically 25 Ohms.

The MDKC-1 is a MIDI-based controller board that works with any kind of dual-magnetic drawknobs or tongue tab stops. Up to 48 stops can be controlled using two standard OUTN-1 driver boards that plug into the MDKC-1 board. One OUTN-1 may be omitted if only 24 stops, or fewer, are to be used. If both are omitted, then the board can be used with simple on/off tabs.

The MDKC-1 is designed especially for use with organ consoles used to control Hauptwerk virtual organs via MIDI and is compatible with Hauptwerk versions 3 and 4. It may also be used with MIDI-controlled normal organ consoles.

The drawknob On and Off coils are pulse-driven by the MDKC-1 from MIDI data returned from the organ control system computer (send and receive on the same channel).

The MIDI channel number is configurable by four sections of a DIP-Switch. Two more sections are used to select the Bank (1-48, 49-96 or 97-128) for when multiple boards are used. If both are on, then the Calibration mode is selected (only at power-up). Another section is for the choice of Hauptwerk 3 or 4



  • USB MIDI interface built-in *
  • Calibrates power for each draw knob individually *
  • Compatible with all major manufacturers
  • Scans switches and drives magnets
  • Compatible with Hauptwerk
  • Built-in MIDI Thru
  • Drive up to 96 magnets (48 draw knobs or tabs)
  • Notifies Hauptwerk if knob fails to move *
  • Accommodates enough current for General Cancel of all magnets simultaneously *
  • 10' USB cable included

* unique to this product

 Board dimensions (WxL): 12.0" x 3.85" (30.48 cm x 9.78 cm). Total height 2.5" (6.35 cm)



MDKC-1 Drawknob Controller Brochure: View |Download

MDKC-1 Installation Manual: View |Download



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