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MIDI Lighted Rocker Tab Controller (MLRT)


The MLRT-1 MIDI Lighted-Rocker Control board is an interface board between the Hauptwerk control system, which sends and receives MIDI data, and Classic Lighted Rocker Tab (LRT-3A) boards, which send and receive parallel and serial data.

It can control up to 128 Lighted Rocker Tabs. It generates a MIDI signal from the on/off switches to control an organ system, although it could be used to control almost anything via MIDI note-on/off (Patch) messages. Each LRT-3A switch has two momentary positions – On and Off – and they send different messages on the same MIDI channel.

The MLRT-1 also has a MIDI input that controls the lamps on the LRT-3A thus giving fool-proof indication that something happened. The 128 Note-On messages and 128 Note-Off messages received from the LRT-3A's are sent on one MIDI channel, these would normally be MIDI Patch commands. 

Wiring between the MLRT and LRT board requires some technical experience, so this product is generally not recommended for home hobbyists.




  • Four MIDI-DIN plugs MIDI In, MIDI Out, MIDI Thru (2)
  • can control up to 128 lighted switches
  • may be mounted by either clips or screws
  • board dimensions: 5" x 4.3"
  • MLRT and LRTs all connected to the same +12V power supply



MLRT-1 Brochure: View |Download

MLRT-1 Wiring Schematic: View |Download

MLRT-1 Installation Manual: View |Download



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