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MIDI Lighted Push Button Controller (MLPB)


The MLPB MIDI Lighted Push Button Control board is an interface board between the Hauptwerk control system, which sends and receives MIDI data, and Classic Lighted Push Buttons, which send and receive parallel data. The MLPB-1 generates a MIDI signal from the push-button switches, so it could be used to control almost anything via MIDI note-on (Patch) messages. Each push-button switch has a momentary-on action and sends a message on one MIDI channel only when pushed

It can control up to 128 Lighted Rocker Tabs.

There are two ways that the MLPB-1 can be operated. One uses the various headers to connect to lighted push-buttons as above. The other is via the MIDI connectors from a device such as a pedalboard scanner (Classic type MKSC-4A). Thus, the board can control a pedalboard and stop push-buttons at the same time. The MIDI connections obviate the use of a separate MIDI hub interface.

Wiring between the MLPB and LPB boards requires some technical experience, so this product is generally not recommended for home hobbyists.




  • Four MIDI-DIN plugs MIDI In, MIDI Out, MIDI Thru (2)
  • can control up to 128 lighted switches
  • may be mounted by either clips or screws
  • board dimensions: 5" x 4.3"
  • MLRT and LPBs all connected to the same +12V power supply



MLPB-1 Brochure: View |Download

MLPB-1 Wiring Schematic: View |Download

MLPB-1 Installation Manual: View |Download




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