CMKConfig (For MAC)


OSX version of CMKConfig configuration software to configure Classic CMK-3x keyboards.

This is our latest version of our CMKConfig software for OSX.

In addition to working in Leopard and Snow Leopard, you can also configure more than 3 CMK-3 keyboards.

The current version is 3.4.6   This version has been updated to support all features of the latest Classic MIDI Keyboards with CMK-3B scanner pcb.


Download (Mac)


Download CMK Config for Mac now

View CMK Config Manual

This new version (released 2019-03-14) supports both the 20 and 24 piston versions of CMK keyboards. 

This version includes the ability to program the pistons to also use MSB, LSB, MSB + LSB along with program changes. This allows the keyboards to interface with most MIDI synth modules on the market.

Note: This version of CMKConfig works with all versions of Classic CMK keyboards shipped since 2011. Other versions of CMKConfig for earlier versions of CMK keyboards are available on the website.

For information about how to connect a stack of CMK keyboards to a PC or Laptop, so you can use CMKConfig, see the support page on MIDIWorks,ca See: Connecting CMK3 keyboards.

Online support is available on the site.


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