OrganWorks™ is a powerful layout tool for designing or re-building an organ console. All the stop controls, pistons, special signal lights, MIDI equipment, etc. can be put together to design an organ of any size.

Information about the organ is entered on a virtual organ console. Components (such as drawknobs, pistons, etc.) can be selected from a palette and placed on the console. The size of the console, stop jambs, etc. can be adjusted to accommodate the number of stops, keyboards, etc., desired. Pop-up windows prompt the user for all the information necessary to specify the details of each component as it is specified. 




Other features of OrganWorks include: 

  • Specification of all keyboards, stops, couplers, pistons, toe studs, displays, expression shoes, and other controls, 
  • Specification of pipe, electronic and MIDI stops or any combinations of these, 
  • Specification of all chambers, chests, pipe ranks, tremulants, swellengines etc., 
  • Graphical printouts of the console layout, 
  • Summary reports of the organ's specifications (stop list, features list, etc.), 
  • Design diagnostics to check consistency of items entered in the specification, 
  • Snap and smart layout tools using auto-placement based on item attributes. 

Those designing new organs or re-building old ones can save a lot of time and money by using OrganWorks before work starts on these projects because OrganWorks helps to ensure not only that all of the information required for the organ's control system is specified but also that it is accurate. In other words, it helps to ensure no oversights or mistakes are made that are difficult or expensive to fix after construction on a project has begun.


Why Use OrganWorks?

One of the challenges of designing a pipe-organ and, more specifically, the control system for it is that there is an enormous number of technical details that need to be considered and specified. It is very easy to overlook details which, when discovered after construction has begun, can be very difficult if not impossible to work into the design of the organ. Using OrganWorks reduces the likelihood of this happening, potentially saving builders a lot of time, trouble and money. 


Registering OrganWorks

A shareware version of OrganWorks is available free of charge and is available for you to download here and now. The shareware version is intended for personal use and evaluation only. If you intend to use this software for commercial purposes, you must register it. After paying the fee, a registration code will be provided to enable the personalization features. Some of the benefits of registering are: 

  • personalizing your drawings and printouts with your company name and address, etc., 
  • telephone and e-mail technical support, 
  • advance access to new releases of OrganWorks™, 
  • notice of new Classic Organ Works products (hardware and software).

If you would like to purchase a commercial version of the software, please visit our online store,


Current Version

As of August 3, 2005, 19:24, the current version of OrganWorks is Version 3.20 Build 774. 


Organworks on a MacIntosh

For those who want to use OrganWorks but wish to use an Apple MacIntosh computer, here is a solution. Unfortunately, OrganWorks is not available for the MacIntosh environment but it is possible to use it perfectly well with the aid of Windows-emulating software such as the Virtual PC program by Connectix Corporation.

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Download Now!

To download Organ Works please click on the link below. You will be asked to provide us with your contact information by completing the online form. The data from this form is used by Classic Organs Works solely for supporting the website and OrganWorks. This information is not provided to anyone outside the company.


Click here to download OrganWorks Version 3.20. 

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View Tutorial - PDF File


Need Support?

If you need some help with some aspect of OrganWorks, then contact us by specifying 'Software issues' on the online form. We do our best to help but regretably, we cannot guarantee a response to non-registered users. 


Comments? Suggestions?

Your comments and suggestions about OrganWorks are most welcome. Please send them using our online form.


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