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This unit provides up to 12 simultaneous pipe organ sounds from a library of 176 pre-programmed voices. The voices are generated using physical modeling technology, not by sampling. This system involves real-time calculation of the audio waveform based on the physics of construction, materials and air pressure. The overall effect is to provide better realism of organ sounds as each individual key can have its own set of parameters just like a real pipe organ. Almost every parameter can be individually adjusted.

The 12 chosen sounds are selectable on rocker stop tabs on the front panel but can also be accessed remotely. Each one may be assigned to any of six output audio channels and controlled by any of 16 MIDI input channels. Hence, the unit can act as a complete stand-alone small organ or as a source of additional stops for a larger organ.

There are eight voice memory keys controlling eight banks of memories for up to 64 combinations.

The CM-100 also has reverberation and tremulant effects selectable on front-panel keys.


To expand any MIDI-equipped organ by adding extra voices.

To create a small stand-alone organ.


  • 12 different Pipe sounds simultaneously
  • Library of 176 pipe sounds
  • Whole or Split operation
  • Control by one or more MIDI-channels
  • Front-panel Adjustable Reverberation
  • Front-panel Adjustable Overall Volume
  • Demonstration Mode with eight selections
  • 64 Combination Memories (eight banks of eight)
  • All Voice parameters adjustable
  • Adjustable Tremulant
  • Transposition selection
  • Adjustable Ensemble (Chorus)
  • Fine Tuning control
  • Seven Tuning Temperament settings
  • Standard MIDI 5-pin DIN connectors, IN, OUT, THRU
  • RS-232 Serial Control input
  • Expression Shoe input
  • Six Mono Audio Output channels
  • Line-level balanced audio outputs 100mV typical
  • Stereo Headphone output
  • Power Supply input AC, 90-250V, 50/60 Hz
  • Overall Dimensions: 15.5" x 6.7" x 10.5" (+ Connectors) (W x H x D) (39.4 cm x 17.1 cm x 26.7 cm)


CM-100 Product Brochure   View Online | Download

CM-100 MIDI Information   View Online | Download

CM-100 Voice List   View Online | Download

CM-100 User Manual   View Online | Download

CM-100 Editor - for PC (requires Serial port and cable (9-pin DIN))   Download



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