Viscount Laurel



This unit provides up to 35 simultaneous pipe organ sounds from a library of 620 pre-programmed voices. The voices are generated using physical modeling technology, not by sampling. This system involves real-time calculation of the audio waveform based on the physics of construction, materials and air pressure. The overall effect is to provide better realism of organ sounds as each individual key can have its own set of parameters just like a real pipe organ. Almost every parameter can be individually adjusted.

The 35 chosen sounds are selectable via the LCD control panel behind the front cover, but can also be accessed remotely from a PC voicing program. Each one may be assigned to any of sixteen output audio channels and controlled by any of 3 MIDI input channels. Hence, the unit can act as a complete stand-alone small 2m organ or as a source of additional stops for a larger organ.

The unit also has reverberation and tremulant effects selectable on front-panel keys, and expression of all three divisions via MIDI.



To expand any MIDI-equipped organ by adding extra voices.


MIDI Interface:

This unit is intended to be controlled entirely via it's MIDI input.   It would normally be driven from the pipe organ console's control system MIDI output.  Both CLASSIC legacy and new Maestro control systems include the required software drivers to send the correct messages for keys, stops, couplers, and expression to the Laurel box via MIDI.  To connect Laurel to consoles without compatible control systems, or to connect to a tracker-action pipe organ, CLASSIC makes a convenient programmable MIDI Interface - the MCU.  For info, see link below.




  • Physis(r) physical modelling technology
  • 35 different Pipe sounds (stops) simultaneously
  • Library of 620 pipe sounds
  • Control by three MIDI-channels (3 divisions)
  • Front-panel Adjustable Reverberation
  • Front-panel Adjustable Overall Volume
  • All Voice parameters adjustable / voiceable via USB-connected PC or Laptop
  • Adjustable Tremulant
  • Adjustable Ensemble (Chorus)
  • Fine Tuning control
  • Auto-tracking tuning (temperature and audio pitch sensor inputs)
  • Standard MIDI 5-pin DIN connectors, IN, OUT, THRU
  • Expression Shoe input via MIDI
  • Up to 16 Audio Output channels
  • Power Supply input AC, 90-250V, 50/60 Hz
  • Overall Dimensions: 19.0" x 8.7" x 13.5" (+ Connectors) (W x H x D) (48.2 cm x 22.0 cm x 34.1 cm)



Laurel Product Introduction View Online | Download

Laurel for pipe Organs - Brochure View Online | Download

Laurel CL6 Standard Voice List View Online | Download

Laurel CL6 Alternate Voice List View Online | Download

Laurel Outline Drawings View Online | Download

CLASSIC MIDI Interface (MCU): View Online | Download



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