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Walker Technical Company is one of the most trusted names in the pipe organ industry, when it comes to supplying digital organ stops to augment a pipe organ.

Walker uses a proprietary digital sample playback technology, to produce authentic digital stops, which are fully voiceable to blend seamlessly with the wind-blown pipe stops.

Since 1990, CLASSIC has provided an easy way for organ builders to add Walker digital stops to organs which incorporate the CLASSIC pipe organ control system.   Connection is by a simple 3-pair serial cable, regardless of the number of digital stops or complete digital divisions.  Currently, both Legacy and the new Maestro control systems full support the incorporation of Walker digital stops in the hybrid pipe organ.


To expand any CLASSIC controlled pipe organ by adding extra voices.



  • Proprietary sampling technology
  • Full custom selection of stops
  • Multi-channel amplifier & speaker systems available
  • Simple serial (easy to install) connection to CLASSIC controlled pipe organs
  • Expression Shoe input via same serial cable
  • All Voice parameters adjustable / voiceable via USB-connected PC or Laptop
  • Fine Tuning control
  • Auto-tracking tuning (temperature and audio pitch sensor inputs)


Online Links:

Walker Product Page:  Visit Online

Walker Home Page:  Visit Online



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