Job #: C877

Location: Cheshire CT

Organ Type: Pipe

Building Type: Church

Date: 2008

Rebuild of an M.P. Moller organ. Two manuals with drawknobs.

Job #: C871

Location: Markham, ON Canada

Organ Type: Pipe

Building Type: Church

Date: 2008

In time for its 75th anniversary, the parish of St Patrick's RC commissioned Orgues Letourneau to custom build a new pipe organ to replace a 17 year old electronic model which was failing. It has a 2 manual French Terrace style movable console. Its primary function is to accompany the liturgy, but will also be used for community concerts.

Job #: C600

Location: Markham, ON, Canada

Organ Type: Digital

Building Type: Home

Date: 2006

3-manual 29-rank virtual theatre organ. Includes all traps & effects. Uses Hauptwerk 4 as the sound engine and the Masterworks 3-31 Wurlitzer sample set from Milan Digital Audio. 

Job #: C858

Location: West Chezzetcook NS Canada

Organ Type: Pipe / Electronic

Building Type: Church

Date: 2005

A very small 2 manual Casavant rebuilt drawknob console. Includes Great & Swell Main, a Pedal Bourdon and 12 electronic stops on a CM-100 

Job #: C700

Location: Hamilton, ON, Canada

Organ Type: Pipe

Building Type: Church

Date: 2004

This 5 manual rebuild of Casavant Opus 200, completed in the summer of 2004 is one of the largest organs in Canada. While doing this rebuild, care was given to provide the flexibility to expand this organ even more in the future. 

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