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Canadian owned and operated, Classic Organ Works is a division of Artisan Classic Organ Inc. Artisan Classic Organ Inc. is a registered Canadian company with no financial or other connection to any other company bearing the same or similar names. It was created in 1990 by the merger of Artisan Organ Ltd. and The Classic Organ Company Ltd. (1976). 

Our company is located in Markham, a suburb on the northeastern edge of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

For over 30 years, we have been designing, building, and selling electronic components for classical organs. We have earned our reputation for customer satisfaction by providing superior products and services. 

Our own industry-leading console control computer is the heart of a complete system capable of managing any size of pipe or digital organ. In addition to keying and coupling functions, it provides a multi-memory combination action (combo action), and a comprehensive Pipe organ MIDI system. Self-diagnostics help to make the system easy to install and maintain. 

Totally MIDI-compatible, the console control computer also permits the organ to communicate with an external sequencer (e.g. a floppy disk recorder) for faithful recording/playback of a performance in real time. Synthesizers, sound expanders, and computers may also be connected if required. Optional features, such as optical key-switching with velocity-sensing, make the system ideal for modern churches with diverse musical requirements. 

We also design and build advanced, digitally-sampled electronic stops for use where a shortage of space or funding precludes the use of pipes. Actual recordings of air-blown organ pipes are used in this state-of-the-art, tone-generator technology. Extensive note-by-note adjustment capabilities permit voicing and regulating of electronic stops on site in a manner similar to pipe stops.

Our proprietary CAD software - OrganWorksTM - allows organbuilders to specify their requirements for organ-control systems easily and accurately. Our CAE software - OrganGenTM - helps us to customize the control system for each organ. The Classic custom implementation team, in collaboration with our research and development staff, is always ready to provide advice and solutions for special projects, such as: 

    • Inter-connecting dual organs and dual consoles.
    • Providing a remote keyboard for the choir-director or the organ-tuner.
    • Connecting a MIDI sound module and loudspeakers in an organ chamber.
    • Providing a remote, electric console to play and control a tracker organ.
    • Providing automatic tuning of MIDI and sampled voices to pipes, when they must be used together.

Whatever your special requirements are, just ask us. We probably already have the answer!

Click here for a brief history of electronics and the pipe organ.

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