Classic Organ has been in business for over 40 years and we are seeing several jobs come to us now to update control systems we installed decades ago. These really old jobs, some 30 years old, present challenges that simply do not exist in newer installations.     ..... Click on banner to read more.

L022: Overture Hall, Madison WI 

Builder: Foley-Baker Inc, Tolland CT

Early in 2018 Foley-Backer Inc received a contract for a new relay and control system for the Klais organ in Overture Hall in Madison WI. Foley-Baker contracted with us to provide .... (click on banner to read more)

Several years ago Classic Organ Works developed a MIDI keyboard for people building Hauptwerk instruments for their homes. Some of our builders have started using them as well, so I figured it would make sense to talk about it. 





On Saturday, the fifth of August, at well after the stated time of 2:00 P.M., Ann Jones and Bob Smith were married at Our Lady of Sorry Acoustics. The groom wore a black suit and the bride wore a dress. The organist's shoes, in tasteful basic black, were by Organmaster.

As a Professional Engineer, Arthur had run his own business, Key Video Ltd. (KVL), for 21 years, designing and building audio-video switching equipment for the broadcast industry but business declined following the world-wide change to digital TV systems, requiring new and expensive equipment that was beyond his company’s financial pocket.


Arthur W. Critchley, July 2001

In October IBM purchased Red Hat, the company that does the Linux operating system, for $34 Billion. That's nice, but we make organ control systems, what's that got to do with us?

Hi Everybody.

Classic Organ Works has had a Facebook page for quite a while now, but nobody ever did much with it. A little while ago Raymond gave be admin access, so I can post news stories and pictures. I would like to invite everybody to like our page. I would really recommend this to all our builders and I can use Facebook for short news information you may need, such as the dates of our Christmas shut down, or if some part is no longer available and what you can use as substitutes. If you go look at the page, you will also find some stuff of general interest.


A C, an E-flat, and a G go into a bar. The bartender says,

The following are my personal opinions and do not reflect the opinions of Classic Organ Works. Actually, if you asked Henry about it, he probably never gave it much thought, he sells the control systems, who plays the organ and how doesn't really matter. From a business perspective I would agree with that. You want a pipe organ? OK. From a personal perspective, as somebody who has grown up in a Christian church and spent some time looking at worship and it's roll within the church, I have a few other things to say.

The Maestro system will occasionally require internet access, for example, when we need to do updates to the system. Updates happen during installation, I think in all my years working for Classic I may have had only 5 jobs that didn't require some change during installation. Unfortunately getting internet access in some churches, either wifi or Ethernet cable isn't always easy. Tony in his brilliance has found a solution for you. We can use a Raspberry Pi-3 and your smart phone.



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