Classic Organ Works is dedicated to developing and manufacturing high-quality, cost-effective solutions for anyone from builders of fine pipe-organs worldwide to the home hobbyist and pipe-organ enthusiast. For more than 25 years, Classic Organ Works has been using integrated, microprocessor-based technology in its products, making them both reliable and readily adaptable to virtually any demand a pipe-organ designer can make. Even after installation, the operation of most Classic Organ Works products can be altered by organists or builders to meet evolving needs by changing the settings of a comprehensive list of operational options.


Classic Organ Works provides solutions for organ builders:

Control Systems: Complete control system for organs small to large, including those with multiple consoles.

Hardware: Keyboards, Pedalboards, Swell Shoes, Lighted Rocker Tabs (stop controls), etc

Sound Generation: Solutions for adding Digital organ stops or GM-MIDI Orchestral sounds to a pipe organ.

MIDIWorks: A complete line of MIDI products for Organists and DIY hobbyists wishing to build a virtual organ.

Software: Programs to help troubleshoot, maintain, and install Organ and Organ related products.

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