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The LRT-3A Lighted Rocker Tab board, with up to 16 tabs is used on organ consoles for stop and coupler controls (The image displayed only shows 13).



Rocker tabs cost considerably less than movable drawknobs or tongue tabs. It is also simpler to light lamps than move tabs physically and the power requirements are much less. 

The LRT-3A has two groups of eight sprung rocker tabs that are pressed momentarily at the bottom to turn a stop On, or at the top to turn it Off. A lamp indicates the On state. 

The 16 switch contacts are arranged in a matrix with one row of eight tabs per group and boards may be paralleled for simpler wiring. Multiples of 8 tabs can be used this way with the Classic control system, or up to 128 tabs when connected to an MLRT-1 MIDI-control board. 

Serially-driven lamps may be lit remotely from the organ’s serial control system or through an MLRT-1 MIDI controller board.

Each tab cover can be easily removed for engraving or access to the lamp. 

Tabs are at 0.95-inch centres and the board mounts horizontally (or vertically) behind a panel of ¾-inch thickness using screws above and below.

LRT-3A boards may be butted end-to-end for longer rows with no gaps. They can be shortened to a minimum of four contiguous positions with multiples of four to eight butted together for installations requiring fewer than 16 in a block.  



  • Groups of 8 or 16 tabs, minimum of 4 in a contiguous group, maximum of 16 per board (the one shown above is 8+5
  • Each electrical group has 4-to-8 tabs in a block 
  • Can be butted lengthways for more than 16 as long as at least 4 in any minimum group 
  • Momentary action – press bottom for On, top for Off 
  • Tabs illuminate when On 
  • Tab colour: Off-white or Cream 
  • Black board for low visibility between tabs 
  • Power: +9V to +15V D.C. from console supply, nominally 12V. 
  • Current typically 60mA per lamp at 12V, maximum 960mA. (Lamps are 14V 80mA). Quiescent current is 10mA 
  •  Board dimensions (W x H): 16 tabs: 15.2" x 3.75" (36.61cm x 9.53cm). 8 tabs: 7.60" x 3.75" (18.31cm x 9.53cm) 
  • Panel cut-out dimensions (W x H): 16 tabs: 15.2" x 2.65" (36.61cm x 6.73cm). 8 tabs: 7.60" x 2.65" (18.31cm x 6.73cm) 
  • Tab dimensions: 2.47" high x 0.90" wide (6.27cm x 2.29cm) 
  • Tabs are at 0.95" pitch 
  • Engravable area (H x W): 0.8" x 0.7" 



The LRT-3A is intended to be used on organ consoles to provide multiples of 8 stop controls with indicator lamps. With a MIDI control board (MLRT-1) it will provide MIDI stop data for up to 128.  



LRT-3A Brochure: View | Download


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